Lierre was interviewed for the Healthy ME Summit on Overcoming Depression and Anxiety with Joanna Rushton. You can view it here.



December 16

Lierre published an article titled, “The Girls and the Grasses”. You can read it here.

You can read the French translation, “Les filles et les herbes”, here.

December 5

Vancouver, BC. I spoke at Vancouver Rape Relief’s Montreal Massacre Memorial. You can listen to it here.

November 22

Lierre was interviewed by Deborah Donnier in Riems, France. You can listen to it here in French.

You can listen to the interview with English subtitles here.

November 21

Lierre was interviewed in the Italian magazine D Repubblica. You can view it here.

May 9

Lierre was interviewed by Trudy Scott for The Anxiety Summit. You can view it here.

April 6

Lierre was interviewed on the Optimize Paleo Podcast by Paleovalley. You can listen to it here.

February 14

Lierre was interviewed by Steven Crowder on The Louder with Crowder show. You can view it here.



October 23

Lierre was interviewed by Dr. Karen Kan on her radio program. Listen here.


Lierre was interviewed by Helen Moore in Interalia magazine. Read it here.

September 23

Lierre was interviewed by Debra Lynn Dadd on Toxic Free Talk Radio. Listen here.

August 2

Lierre was interviewed by David Stouder on The Vitamin Shelf radio show. Listen here.

May 12

Lierre was interviewed by Mike Cohen on WILS’s evening show. Listen here.

April 21

Lierre was interviewed by Kelli Hill on Eat Well to Live Well radio. Listen here:



December 12, Resistance Radio

Lierre was interviewed by Derrick Jensen. Listen here.


Lierre was a guest on the the Michelle Jackson Show on KRXA. Listen here.

October 11

Lierre was interviewed by Wes Blackman on High Noon in Lake Worth. Listen here..

July 31, Live To 100 Radio

Lierre was interviewed by Wendy Myers.

July 22, I Am Healthy Radio

Lierre was interviewed by Dr. James Joseph.

February 12, Feminist Current

Lierre talked with Meghan Murphy on Feminist Current about One Billion Rising, activism, and cultures of resistance.  Listen here:

January 20, On Health & Diet

Lierre was interviewed by Beverly Meyer on On Health & Diet. Listen here:

January 2, Super Human Radio

Lierre was on the Super Human Radio show with Carl Lanore. Listen by going and then searching for the Super Human Channel.

January 1, Ask Bryan

Lierre was interviewed on the Ask Bryan podcast. Listen here:


December 5,

Lierre was interviewed by Nicola Reilly on Watch the interview: 

August 20, Feminist Current

Lierre was interviewed by Meghan Murphy on her show Feminist Current See the Podcast:

June 29, KBOO Food Show

Lierre was interviewed on Portland, OR’s KBOO Food Show. Go to and click on “Audio Archive.”

June 7,  CJBK

Lierre was interviewed by Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen on CJBK, London, ON. Download now:

February 7, Maryanne Live!

Lierre was interviewed on Maryanne Live! on Internet radio.

February 2, CircledA podcast

Lierre was interviewed by Yodet on the CircledA podcast.

January 18, Orion Magazine

Lierre participated in a live discussion with Paul Kingsnorth and David Abram, sponsored by Orion magazine. Listen here:



December 3, Occupy Seattle

Lierre was interviewed with Derrick Jensen for Occupy Seatlle. Watch it: 

October 24, Post Carbon Radio

Lierre and Premadasi Amada were interviewed about Deep Green Resistance on KWMR Post Carbon Radio. Listen

October 16, Hunting for Health

Lierre was interviewed by Hunter Copeland on Hunting for Health. Listen

September 8, Matador Network

Lierre was interviewed by Ian Mackenzie on Matador Network. Read it

August 27, Food Rights Hour

Lierre was a guest on Kaayla Daniel’s Food Rights Hour radio show, which is a project ofThe Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. To listen, click on the link and scroll down to “Radio Show” on the right.

May 16, Deep Green Philly

Lierre and Aric McBay were interviewed by Ron Whyte on the Deep Green Philly radio show. Listen here:

March 29, Alpha Body

Lierre was interviewed by Mark Ottobre on the Alpha Body radio show. Listen or read the transcript here:

March 25, C-Realm podcast

Lierre was interviewed by KMO on his C-Realm podcast. Listen

March 4, Eugene, OR

Lierre spoke at PIELC at the University of Oregon Law School in Eugene. She was on the Deep Green Resistance panel with Cameron Murphey. Watch it

February 20, Peak Moment TV

Lierre was interviewed on Peak Moment TV. Watch it It’s show #191.

February 5, KRXA

Lierre was interviewed with coauthor Aric McBay by Glenn Sadowsky on KRXA.

February 3, Grok the Talk

Hour two of Lierre and Thoman Malone on Grok the Talk Radio. Listen

January 26, Grok the Talk

Lierre was interviewed by Thomas Malone on Grok the Talk Radio. Listen

January 24, Conversations

Lierre was interviewed with coauthor Derrick Jensen by Michael Stone on Conversations: Are We Listening.



November 18

Lierre was interviewed by Carl Etnier on his show Relocalizing Vermont, on WGDR out of Plainfield, VT

October 10

Lierre was interviewed on What’s the Point with Glenn Sadowsky on KRXA.

October 13

Lierre was interviewed on Epicenter on KWMR.

September 24

Lierre was interviewed on Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Earth Beat program. Listen here: (Lierre starts around 40 minutes in).

August 1

Lierre was interviewed on Sweet Pea Podcast, by mom and daughter interview team Lisa Maire and Morgan. Listen here:

July 21

Lierre was interviewed by Cork Graham. Listen here:

May 5

Lierre was interviewed by Nora Gedgaudas on Primal Body Primal Mind radio. Listen here:

April 10

Lierre was interviewed by Martie Whittekin on the Healthy By Nature radio show.

April 8

Lierre was interviewed on RadioActive on KRCL in Salt Lake City.

April 4

Lierre was interviewed on B.U.R.N (Bottom Up Radio Network) with Michael Franklin.

February 25

Lierre was interviewed by Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network.

February 15

Lierre was a guest on Democracy In Action, with hosts Jon Zaiglin and Meghan Murphy.

January 24

Lierre was interviewed by Glenn Sadowsky on his Optimal Health radio show.



December 29

Lierre was interviewed on R.A.G.E (Rage Against Global Ecocide). Listen

November 30

Lierre was interviewed by Chris Cook On Gorilla Radio. Listen

November 27

Lierre was interviewed by Beth Greer on The Super Natural Mom Radio Show. Listen here:

November 16

Lierre was interviewed by Kathy Srabian on her radio program, Through the Eyes of Women. Listen here: Part 1, and Part 2

November 16

Lierre was interviewed by Josef Brandenburg.

October 14

Lierre was interviewed by Krista Scott-Dixon of Precision Nutrition. Listen

October 7

Lierre was interviewed by Sean Croxton, host of Underground Wellness Radio. Watch the youtube video of part of the interview:

October 6

Lierre was interviewed by Jimmy Moore, of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb. The interview aired in February 2010.

September 9

Lierre was interviewed by David Getoff of the Price-Pottenger Foundation. Listen here:Interview with David Getoff

August 24

Lierre was interviewed on Our Natural Life with Cathy Payne. Listen

August 11

Lierre was interviewed by Layna Berman on Your Own Health and Fitness radio program on KPFA. Read more about the show here:

July 4

Lierre was interviewed on Virato Live! call-in radio show. Listen

April 16

Lierre was interviewed on Thursday Night Talk, David Cobb’s radio show on KHSU. Listen here




Lierre was interviewed with Aric McBay on Matt Soltys’s radio show, Healing the Earth. Listen here: Scroll down to “Ending Industrial Culture, Building Cultures of Resistance”.



Lierre is interviewed by Matt Soltys, where she lays out the premises of her book,The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and